Family with grandad in a wheelchair standing on the back of a CanalAbility canal boat

We’ve got a dazzling surprise that’s sure to light up your autumn nights – half-price canal boat trips this November on our accessible canal boats!

Why not embrace the autumn magic with a 4-hour specially adapted canal boat trip and you’ll only pay half the advertised price – that’s just £71.50* (instead of £173) or £69.50* (instead of £139)!

*our specially adapted canal boats can accommodate up to 10 or 12 people including wheelchair users

Charming 4-hour Canal Cruises Autumn trees reflected in the river

November transforms the canals into a colourful, peaceful haven, and what better way to witness it than from our cosy accessible canal boats? The leaves are falling in a beautiful mix of reds and oranges, like a huge firework show saying goodbye to autumn. It’s a beautiful sight that is best seen as you glide along the canals.

Wildlife Encounters

Despite the cooler temperatures, November invites a variety of wildlife to the riverside. Keep an eye out for migratory birds making their way south, such as graceful swans, geese, and ducks. The stillness of the river creates a perfect reflection of the surrounding landscape, offering a picturesque scene that wildlife enthusiasts and photographers will find irresistible.

Family with a boy in a wheelchair sitting inside a CanalAbility specially adapted canal boatOur boats are centrally heated and designed to be easily accessible for individuals using wheelchairs or those with limited mobility. Each boat has ramps & lifts to enable access via wheelchair and for people with impaired mobility, and other adaptive technology to allow everyone to take an active part in its operation. Discover the perfect blend of comfort and with young man in a wheelchair smiling in the bank of the canal with a canal boat in background

Our 4-hour day trips are fully crewed by qualified volunteers, at no extra cost, so you can just take it easy, or give them a hand and try steering the boat!

This could be just the ticket for an autumn pick me up for you, your family, or your disability/community group… so book now for an unforgettable journey along the river, where November’s magic awaits your discovery.

Our day trips are half the advertised price for November, that works out at just £5.96 or £6.95 per person (assuming group booking at the maximum 12 or 10 people) , for a 4 hour cruise.

To make a booking call us on 01279 4244444 or email , or fill in a contact form.