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Canalability - Canal Boat Day Trips and Holidays for People with Disabilities


If you have restricted mobility or are a wheel chair user you will like our boats.

Each boat has a lift and other adaptive technology to allow everyone to take an active part in the operation of the boat.

Unlike the majority of canal boats, all of our boats have disabled toilet facilities and our holiday boats have full wet room rather than just a shower tray or a bath.

See the individual boats for details of its accessibility features.

Accessible plan

One of our knowledgeable and experienced skippers has compiled a possible wheelchair access points table graded by difficulty.

The map shows the places where people in wheelchairs are able to safely leave the boat.

Please note this is subject to change, and depends on the wheelchair type, user may require additional support. If you use an electric wheelchair or ‘shopper’ some of the larger models do not comfortably fit in the boats.

We have manual wheelchairs free for use, just let us know before your trip.