It was a very amazing experience. I would love to experience the whole exciting day again. You’ll be hearing from us again soon to book our next trip.
~ A Happy Customer

Comments like this one make our day! They show us that all the efforts are worth it and we have made someone smile.

A day at the river on a canal boat can be what you want from it. You can sit back, relax and watch the world rush by. We have an excellent crew to support you and cater your needs.


You can also turn sailing with a canal boat into your hobby. We offer a training course before your holiday. You will learn how to steer the boat, change the locks and then practise.

The best part is that all of our three boats are adapted for people with disabilities so that they are fully accessible by everyone. Our 3 boats offer the prospective boater a choice of size of boat and length of time spent afloat.

Our short journey boats are  Stort Daybreak and Stort Challenger, whilst for holidays and longer breaks we offer Red Watch and also Stort Challenger.