We’re incredibly thrilled to share a monumental milestone with you all! For the first time, we’re excited to unveil our project aiming to introduce a new accessible electric boat. And guess what? We’ve just received fantastic news! The National Lottery Community Fund has shown immense support by agreeing to fund our proposal for this initiative to the tune of £311,000!!

Our team poured their hearts into crafting a comprehensive and strategic plan, and we’re elated that the National Lottery has recognised our efforts. This endorsement not only signifies a significant step towards our goal of £432,617 but also sets the stage for an exciting and sustainable future for our charity.
While there’s still a little way to go to fund the project completely, we have made excellent progress so far by selling our beloved holiday boat Red Watch and are looking into other funding opportunities.
Stay tuned for updates on our progress and ways you can get involved to support this incredible endeavour.
This is just the beginning of an amazing journey towards a more sustainable and impactful future for our charity and the communities we serve!
If you would like to donate towards our Electric Boat project please choose New Electric Boat Appeal here.